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What to Expect



People should be demanding about photographic art and expect only the best. However, the art of fine portraiture is disappearing. Digital technology has made everyone a would-be photographer, bringing a deluge of mediocre photography. James French is one of the few remaining expert portrait photographers. His attention to the subtle but important details is what makes his portraits one of a kind.


Whether of yourself, your children, or your family, you want to be assured of a distinctive portrait. You will find we spare no effort or expense to totally please you at James French Photography. Our desire is to capture you looking your very best. With James' hallmark touch, your portrait will become a rich expression of your character and personality.


We know this is a special time for you, so our entire staff is available to help. We devote our time and complete attention to carefully plan your sitting. From your choice of location to choosing the clothing that will be most complimentary, we are here for you. If you need help with makeup, we will advise you how to use it most effectively or we can refer you to a professional makeup artist. Whatever your special needs or concerns, we will work with you.


Wherever you choose to have your session, studio or location, rest assured that we will provide you with a variety of poses, lighting techniques, and composition to choose from. Whether you desire something elegant and traditional or spontaneous and carefree, we're sure you will be pleased.


After your session, we will assist you in selecting just the right pose for your custom portrait. After all, your portrait will last for many generations to enjoy, and with so many excellent images to choose from, this can be a very difficult decision to make! Our staff is great at helping you select the right size and frames to coordinate with your home.


From there, our gifted artist gracefully softens and blends your portrait to accentuate its inherent beauty. Our high standards must be met in these final phases before a portrait is even considered ready to be delivered to you...


Then and only then will we be ready to present your James French Portrait!